Our wide range of services include

Data Entry, Data Extraction, Data Mining, Data Vetting, Mail Room,Help Desk

Patient Scheduling and Registration, Insurance and Eligibility Verification, Preauthorization’s/pre-certification for treatment, Patient and Co-Pay Collection, Charge Entry, Claim Submission, Claim Rechecking, Payment Postings, Analyzing EOB’s for Underpayments and Denials, Denial Management, Accounts Receivable Follow-Ups, Secondary Billing, Patient Collections, Credentialing

Status Verification, Rebilling, Pre collections, Case reviews, Appeals, Collections, Litigations

EAMS/Case Search, Filing Liens, Filing DOR’s, Withdrawals of Liens and DOR’s, NOH and MOH Updates, Exhibits, Maintaining Hearing Calendar, Submissions of Hearing Packets

Client File Setup, Filing the Application for Adjudication, Assisting the Case manager, Scheduling, Patient Appointment Reminders and Confirmations, Depositions (5710/Courtesy let Save ters/Petitions), Filing DOR’s, Drafting Exhibits, Document Management