Our Resources

Our People

  1. Dedicated and qualified management team with vast experience in International outsourcing.
  2. Staffs that works on the project will are qualified and experienced.
  3. To be employed at various levels based on qualification and experience in British accounting.
  4. Staffs are a part of 3-5 years contract.
  5. Management team’s accountability and responsibility and ability to handle international projects.

Our Infrastructure

  1. Located in Pune, India.
  2. Running 2 shifts currently – Ability to run 3 shifts.
  3. Dual Monitor Workstations for paperless workflow.
  4. Power supply with 100% backup.

Our Technology

  1. Original documents and records never leave you!
  2. Cisco Routers with built in Hardware Firewall protection.
  3. Cisco Voice over IP.
  4. LAN/WAN design – Switched Network – Cisco components.
  5. International connectivity – high speed lines.