Integrated Staff Extension

Integrated Staff Extension © (ISE) services enable cost effective manpower solutions. The concept is simple – your Indian based “staff” work under our supervision, guidance and structure in our office in India at a fraction of the US cost structure.  Conventional out-sourcing arrangements locate business tasks in a “black box” – we don’t. Our US clients have control and visibility of their work flow. ISE is designed to give you, the client, the liberty to maintain virtual supervision of your dedicated ISE staff at your discretion, thus providing assurance that the job is getting done. 

“You can see them, but virtually.”

Our head of office in India has been in the workers compensation arena for over a decade, including time shadowing US based court hearings and has mastered the knowledge and skills we need to make sure the Indian based team delivers as per the expectations of our clients. By designating an ISE-liaison, you can communicate as frequently as desired with the ISE Team Leader to ensure that 

(a) Instructions are understood
(b) That periodic targets are being met; and

(c) That any unanticipated issues are immediately handled and solved, minimizing “down time”.

In the experience of our clients, the immediacy of such contact (by telephone, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.) ultimately saves time. ISE staffs are flexible and scheduled to be available “around-the-clock” at times of peak activities, which translates into cost savings, as it eliminates both idle time and overtime.  We are objectives-oriented and strive to master our clients’ business flows so that they can be expedited in the most efficient manner. We also look for ways to improve processes as part of our on-going BPR (business process reengineering) effort. We consider that our success is your success.

Our activities are organized along several lines:

  • Doctors: Verifications/Billing/Submissions/Mailroom/Collections/Reportwriting/Transcribing 
  • Attorneys: Case Management (documents, mailroom, court appointments, etc.)/Collections
  • Billing Companies (both Private and Workers Compensation): Verification of Benefits; Billings; Collections; Appeals
  • MRI Centers: Liens/Underwriting/Data entry/Document Management 
  • Copy Services: Case Management/Records Request/Data Entry